Trish along with husband Wally conducted studies on the Australian East Coast humpback whale population for over 3 decades. Her work continues to directly contribute to the management and conservation of the Eastern humpback whales, including the recent designation of Hervey Bay as a Whale Heritage Site. 

In 1988, Trish and Wally founded the Oceania Project and Trish’s research established a unique long-term photo-ID and behavioural dataset with re-sighting histories over three generations.

In the early 80’s, Trish also studied Aboriginal and European interactions through which she played an instrumental role, project managing the Australian bicentennial re-enactment of the First Sleet Voyage. For this, Trish was awarded Best Event of the Bicentennial by the Hon Prime Minister Bob Hawke. This is just one of a number of awards that she received throughout her career.

The partners of the World Cetacean Alliance send our heartfelt condolences to our dear friend Wally and to all of Trish’s family, friends and colleagues. Trish’s dedication and passion has been incomparable and she leaves a legacy that will inspire generations to come.