The Whale Heritage Sites Steering Committee is delighted to announce that Hervey Bay, Queensland, has become the second site to gain status as a candidate Whale Heritage Site following an application by Fraser Coast Opportunities. The site will now undergo a rigorous audit process as it attempts to meet the criteria required for full Whale Heritage Site status.

Hervey Bay is commonly referred to as Australia’s premier whale watching destination. The proposed Whale Heritage Site is an internationally significant whale new-born calf nursery – where mothers prepare their young for the long migration back to Antarctic waters. Permitted whale watching tours and whale emersion experiences (currently trialling) are on offer during this period.  In celebration of the whale season, the Hervey Bay community plays host to the annual Oceans Festival (blessing of the fleet/paddle out for whales commemoration/seafood festival/illumination parade).

In addition Hervey Bay offers dolphin watching, diving, snorkelling and world-class recreational boating and fishing experiences all year round.  The region supports year round cetacean research (into its 27th year) and is home to the Marine Research Campus of the Sunshine Coast University.  For the general public, the Whale Discovery Sphere (Centre) is open 7 days a week for educational purposes.