Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica


The Golfo Dulce is an incredibly special place that receives both northern and southern hemisphere populations of humpbacks whales. They arrive to have their calves between July and November (Southern populations) and November to March (Northern populations).

There are also year-round resident and non-resident dolphin populations. The Osa Peninsula and surrounding area is booming as an ecotourism destination. Whale Heritage Site status would further promote this area as a responsible tourism location, providing more work opportunities and education, while also decreasing threats to cetaceans. The Golfo Dulce is classed as one of only a few tropical fjords in the world and is an area brimming with life.

Golfo Dulce has already been signed off as a sanctuary for the hammerhead shark as it also serves as a nursery site for this species. It is hoped that with continual development threats, having WHS status will place more pressure on the national government to improve the protection of this special site.

Golfo Dulce, costa rica
Golfo Dulce
Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica