Algoa Bay, South Africa


Algoa Bay, South Africa is arguably one of the most outstanding marine environments when it comes to biodiversity. The unique half heart shape of the bay provides warm shallow waters for southern right whales to mate and have their calves during the winter months.

The bay also serves as a nursery for humpback whale calves later in the year before they make the long journey back South to their feeding grounds. There are cetacean species in the bay all year round. Humpback whales from June to December. Southern right whales from July to October. Bryde’s and minke whales are in the bay all year round feeding on sardines and anchovies that are rounded up by either African penguins or long-beaked common dolphins.

Algoa Bay is home to the largest colony of African penguins in the world. The foraging activities of these penguins provide feeding opportunities for dolphins and whales all year round. In 2016 Algoa Bay was named the ‘Bottlenose Dolphin Capital of the World’ for having the largest pods and most frequent sightings. It is not uncommon to come across a pod of over six hundred Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in Algoa Bay. There are also frequent sightings of rare Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins in the shallower areas of the bay, often with new-born calves which suggests that this species is calving in the bay.

The beauty of Algoa Bay stays with visitors for a long time, from the colourful soft corals on the sea to the high rolling Alexandria Dune fields! For more information about the bay check out WCA partner Raggy Charters’ website at:

Algoa Bay - Southern Right Whale
Algoa Bay Whale
Algoa Bay Humpback