Human-cetacean relationship

Recently a Whale Watching Route has been launched in this area to develop and uphold responsible tourism. The applicant site has also had its first “Welcoming of the Whales” festival in June 2017 for the community – celebrating the cetaceans along their coast. They already have educational projects in place to inform and educate the local children to protect the planet and cetaceans. They have a plan in place to promote conservation and responsible tourism. Tourism Projects are in place with the local community to promote business and employment opportunities.

The local Municipal Tourism Department is supporting the site in this venture. The biggest Whaling Station in the days gone by is situated in The Bluff’s area. The vision is to turn the site into a museum and showcase how they have evolved and become protectors and admirers of whales in the area. To become a Whale Heritage Site, to accommodate the cultural history would be a great opportunity for The Bluff. It would also create a tourism hub where cetaceans are celebrated in a responsible manner.