Fees are in UK pound sterling (£)


1. Site applies (nomination form):  No fee


2. Site registers as a Candidate Whale Heritage Site and receives logo:  £4000


3. Initial remote report with advice and recommendations:  No fee


4. Optional further advice, training, or technical assistance:  Fee dependent on assistance required


5. Site files report with supporting evidence to WHS Independent Judging Committee: £5000



Whale Heritage Site status refused with recommendations:  No fee


Whale Heritage Site status granted, registration completed:  £6000


7. Annual Licence fee (free in year 1, charged from year 2 onwards):  £3000 (starts year 2)

Logo licenced to destination including ability to sub-licence to generate revenue


8. Review audit completed every 3 years to renew accreditation:  £2000 (every 3 years)


*Fees exclude travel and accommodation expenses and VAT (where applicable)