Based on the definition given by the World Economic Situation and Prospects for the United Nations.

** This annual fee includes all costs of accreditation and ongoing assessment, including becoming a fully accredited site.

*** The WCA will make every effort to ensure this cost is kept to a minimum.

The initial online application comes at no cost. If your application is accepted by the WHS steering committee, this is when your annual fee is required to grant you candidate site status and to continue to becoming fully accredited.

WCA partner fees can be included!

If any of your Steering Committee members are WCA Partners, they can count their WCA membership fees towards the WHS payment. For example, if WCA Partner ‘Whale Conservation Trust’ already pays a US$200 annual membership fee, the Steering Committee now only needs to find US$550 to meet the threshold for a ‘Developing’ country site of $750.

Steering Committee members can also register now to join the WCA and contribute in the same way to the WHS price.

Non-paying steering committee members

People/organisations can join the Steering Committee without making a payment if the threshold has been reached and the Steering Committee agree.


 If a Steering Committee member does not wish to join the World Cetacean Alliance or does not qualify, they can make a donation directly to the Whale Heritage Sites Fund as their contribution towards the threshold. Click here to donate.

Note: We are working to keep the fees for the Whale Heritage Site accreditation as low as possible. All fees paid are used to administer the programme, provide advice and assist with fundraising, and promote the programme and the sites to new audiences.