The proposed Whale Heritage Site consists of the sea area of ​​one nautical mile (1852 meters) around the coastal perimeter of Isla Chañaral, and is located in the III Region of Chile (29º01’S-71º37’W).


Blue and Humpback Whales are present between the months of November and the beginning of March of each year, and there are also important populations of Humbolt Penguins, sea lions, otters and birds.

Motivations to become a WHS

Whale and dolphin watching is the most important tourist and scientific attraction in the town of Caleta Chañaral de Aceituno. The objective of the Isla Chañaral Reserve is to conserve and protect representative marine environments of Isla Chañaral, ensuring the balance and continuity of bioecological processes through the management and sustainable use of biodiversity and natural heritage.

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