Human-cetacean relations

The organisation CETAMADA is a Malagasy organisation, established in 2009, and dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals and their habitat in Madagascar. The organisation is committed to a sustainable development approach through the involvement of the local populations. CETAMADA activities are focused on four types of action: training and promotion of responsible and sustainable ecotourism, education and awareness of the environment and marine heritage, development of community activities, and scientific research.

CETAMADA would like to ensure a sustainable development for Sainte Marie Island, and promote this destination as an ecotouristic area. CETAMADA leads a training course for fishermen, students and others every year, to enforce the code of conduct for responsible and respectful observation of marine mammals (Humpback Whales, dolphins, etc.) in Madagascar. This code simplifies an inter-ministerial order, from the year 2000, which establishes the rules for observation.

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