Importance of Cetaceans

Cetaceans are clear indicators of the health of our marine ecosystems.

Cetaceans have the power to inspire millions of people to care about our oceans.

Cetaceans are charismatic emblems of the sea and provide powerful and educational experiences, for example, through whale watching.

Key Concerns

Concern over captivity is leading to increased demand for watching cetaceans in the wild, so it is important that tourism is managed responsibly.

Some destinations have grown up with little regulation, leading to unsustainable practices and concern for the welfare and conservation of cetacean populations.

Growth of whale watching needs to be sensitive to the environment, welfare of animals and the livelihoods of local communities.

Significance of WHS

WHS actively promote the world’s most responsible whale and dolphin watching destinations.

WHS promote cultural links with cetaceans through the arts, music, science, education and events.

WHS protect marine habitats by supporting local communities in their efforts to deliver sustainable practices.

WHS allow sustainable development for coastal communities that depend on the sea by inspiring people to value their whale heritage.

"I believe Whale Heritage Site designation will really allow tourists to make an informed decision on where they are going to travel."

Andrew Jones, Owner at Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures