Thinking about becoming accredited?

There are six key stages in becoming fully accredited as a Whale Heritage Site:

Initial Online Application


Potential steering committee partners have to be identified at this stage. Application is reviewed by WHS steering committee.

Site Forms a Steering Committee and Raises Funds


If accepted, the site forms an official steering committee and they must raise funds to pay a fee to be designated as a “Candidate Whale Heritage Site” and to receive a licence to use the logo. Click here to find out about pricing.

Remote Audit and Feedback


Candidate site submits information in line with the WHS criteria. Feedback and support is then given by the WCA to improve the sites match to the criteria.

On-Site Audit


Before a final application is submitted, an on-site audit is required.

Final Application

Site submits a final application which is assessed by the WHS Independent Review Panel (IRP) against the WHS criteria. Site is either a) awarded full WHS status b) awarded WHS status upon the fulfilment of specific conditions c) denied WHS status with recommendations.

WHS Designation

If full WHS status is designated, the site must prepare and submit an annual review each year explaining how criteria have been met. Site will also be subject to an IRP audit every three years.